Is Hiring a Florist worth it?

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Considering whether to hire a florist or go the DIY route for your wedding flowers? Mikelle of Fersk Floral Artistry shares her top reasons why hiring a florist is worth every penny!

Mikelle here! I’m the Owner and Lead Designer at Fersk Floral Artistry – a wedding-focused floral design company serving couples in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Having been part of over 50 weddings since starting my business two years ago, I’ve seen the magic that can be made with flowers and love being able to provide a seamless, one of a kind experience for my couples. But I’ve also been a guest at weddings where the process is not so seamless, with aunts running around trying to finish centerpieces and groomsmen trying to attach flowers to an arch as guests arrive. So today I’m sharing a few reasons why making room in your wedding budget for a florist will be the best choice you make as you plan your day!


1. Florists are experts

Nearly every time I meet with a bride-to-be for a consultation, I hear her say something along these lines: “I honestly don’t know very much about flowers.” And that’s okay! Most people have never ordered flowers on a large scale before their wedding and to some the process can feel completely overwhelming. Over the years I’ve learned everything from flower availability and seasonality, to how to properly care for blooms, to the behind-the-scenes mechanics that make your floral dreams a reality. One of my favorite things about being a florist is getting to share this knowledge and expertise with brides. 

For example, sometimes fall brides come to me hoping for Peonies in their bouquet, not knowing that the season for Peonies is very short and that they are tricky and costly to source outside of the months of May and June. I am able not only to educate brides about Peonies, but also suggest flowers like Garden Roses which have a similar look and are more easily accessible at the time of their wedding. Because of my extensive and growing knowledge of flowers, I can help create a floral plan that fits your style, vision, and ideas no matter what the season is or what your budget is.

Beyond knowing which flowers to order, I know how to care for them once they arrive. In order to keep the flowers happy and fresh for the duration of your festivities, they need to be kept at the right temperature, given the proper nutrients, and processed a certain way. And each flower has its own preferences. With lots of experience (and sometimes having learned the hard way so you don’t have to!) florists know just how to care for flowers so they are at the peak of their beauty on your day. 

Lastly, the technical skill of designing with flowers takes practice and time. When I first started working with flowers it was frustrating and slow at times. I would know exactly how I wanted the arrangement to look, but not know quite how to place the flowers to get there. It took trial and error and training to be able to quickly and confidently put together arrangements that I was proud of.

When you hire a florist, you can have confidence that your flowers will be fresh and beautiful for the duration of your day, and in the photos that you’ll cherish for years to come. 

2. Florists are artists

Beyond knowing just the logistical aspects of arranging flowers, we know the art of it. I’ve had years of formal education across a number of mediums of art, and find myself applying my knowledge of color, line, depth, and texture as I design for each wedding. A florist never just “throws something together.” Even when designing in a loose, whimsical or natural style, each flower is carefully and intentionally placed. As I mentioned, this takes lots of practice and training! I have seen even very creative brides struggle when they DIY their wedding florals and they always tell me it’s not as easy as it looks.Your flowers will be one of the most visible expressions of your wedding’s color palette and style for your guests see, and a florist can help execute your vision and even take it to the next level. We probably know of flowers that you’ve never heard of and have ideas that you’ve never seen on Pinterest! 

When you hire a florist you hire an artist and the more freedom you give them to be creative, the more amazed you’ll be. 


3. Florists are time and stress savers

In my experience being a bride and working with brides, there are always a handful of tasks that can only be completed in the week right before your wedding. Just as you’re welcoming family to town, trying to wrap up projects at work, get packed for your honeymoon, and take a little time for yourself in the midst of the craziness. The last thing you’ll want to be worried about that week is putting together thirty centerpieces or learning how to make a boutonniere. And then there’s the day of. Picture the morning of your wedding. Would you rather be drinking mimosas and getting pampered with your girls -OR- running around your venue trying to make sure it looks the way you want it to

For my couples, I offer delivery and full set up. My team and I will bring the flowers to your venue(s), inspect them to make sure they’re just right, get them all set in their designated places, and even help pin on your boutonnieres so they are secure and placed correctly. One of my favorite moments is watching as my brides walk into their reception space for the first time to see their vision that has come to life. There’s nothing my florist heart loves more than seeing a bride who is relaxed and present on her day. These brides have done their part – they’ve dreamed, planned, and chosen vendors they trust. And now, they get to experience and enjoy the fruit of their labor. 

When you hire a florist, you give yourself the gift of time and peace of mind during a season in your life where both of those are hard to come by.

4. Florists are your advocates

As a florist, I want the very best for each couple I work with. That means helping them learn about the floral process, working creatively with their budget to maximize its potential, being available when they have questions, checking in from time to time to see how the planning is going, being a reliable and calming presence the day of, and providing the highest quality of work possible. Of course I love working with flowers, but even more than that I love working with people. 

When you hire a florist, you gain one more advocate for the vision of your day, one more person cheering you on as you make the commitment of a lifetime. 

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions about hiring a florist or are interested in working with Fersk, head to my website: I’d love to hear from you!