I care so much about your love. On your day, I just want you to be able to be PRESENT. To feel it all, look at it all. To soak up all the love and support from every single guest there that loves you. This is a big party, sure. But it’s also the first day of your marriage. And that’s what matters – the two of you and your commitment to each other – how safe you feel with each other, your inside jokes, the way you’ve cared for each other for better or worse, already. I'm not just there to capture it - I'm there to help you soak it all up, too! And I’m already getting emotional just thinking about it. 

You know what I don’t care about? Winning awards, having 20K Instagram followers, or creating editorial and emotion-less images of the most emotion-filled day of your life. My whole purpose in doing this work is to provide a heartfelt experience, from start to finish. I want you to have real images that show your actual relationship and help you relive the best day of your life, whenever you feel like it.

Or Natalie. That works too.

Just call me a sap...

oh heyyy!

From marriage to motherhood

Capturing all the best moments

I have a confession: I don’t just want to be just your wedding photographer. I want to be your photographer for life. I don’t mean to come on too strong, but it’s too hard to say goodbye after the wedding. My favorite thing about my job is seeing it through: from “I do” to “Hello baby!” I’m here for it. 

I believe the best moments are the ones that happen in an instant. From first looks to first dances. And first swaddles to first birthdays. Over the years, I've learned that you often don't realize the best moments until they are a memory. But you deserve to remember these fleeting moments, and photos are the way to do it. Let me help?

let's do this 


being in nature, esp. hiking



when a new season of Queer Eye comes out



bright coral lipstick

you know i love me some color!


slowly but surely updating our 1960's rambler

anyone else get overwhelmed with alll the design options?!


the state fair!!

not sure what's better -
the people watching or the corn dogs

hello from my little pack

This is my whole world right here! My husband, Jay and our two rescue pups, Hank(white) and Belle (copper)! When I'm not photographing weddings and families, we're all cuddling on the couch or off exploring a new park!